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Will invite startups to shine 

UMAMI Arena wants to give value to the creators of the future and therefore invite startups with productss, equipment and solutions targeting the food and beverage industry. 

– The entire industry gathers here, so this is an important arena for showing off and building relationships with potential customers, partners and investors, says Torill Engelberg, director of UMAMI Arena. 

Future meets present

Our initiative will bring startup companies together and give them the opportunity to meet both the professional market and investors. Here we gather entrepreneurs in a common area under the “umbrella” Startups. With 25,600 visitors, which UMAMI Arena can boast from the previous event in 2023, it is well suited for many exciting meetings during the fair days in March 2025, says Engelberg.

The purpose is to make visible all the exciting work that is taking place, which will help prepare the industry and sector for the future. Considering that we for the future will need new technology and new solutions to create sustainable businesses that also help creating new jobs. – Our invitation goes to all startups that offer products or solutions within e.g. production and packaging, technology, digital solutions, equipment and design, explains Torill.

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Cross network and knowledge sharing

Engelberg points out that the new venture will have a win-win effect in several areas. It will be a good networking arena, but also a place to exchange experiences and get to know each other’s ideas and concepts. 

– In addition, you meet the entire market, the industry, possible collaboration partners, chain managers and potential investors. A great value of participating in the UMAMI Arena is that you get to test your ideas in a larger context. Do you want to succeed with a startup, you have to create value. UMAMI is an arena to be seen, and not least make new contacts. That’s why we invite all new startups to book space now, adds Engelberg. 

A nice entry ticket

Starting a business is both time-consuming and expensive. For that reason, UMAMI Arena has settled on a reasonable price level for those who want a place in the startup area. 

– We believe this will make it easier for startups to participate in UMAMI Arena in 2025. Many startups have focus on green transition, environment, innovation and sustainable solutions. It is precisely such companies that we will need for the future, and that is the reason why we are making good condition for startups at UMAMI Arena in March 2025, says Torill Engelberg.

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Do you have questions? Feel free to contact Torill Engelberg, director of UMAMI Arena, by e-mail: or by phone +47 922 07 310.

Sissel Marie A. Orset

Sissel is our sales manager
and has worked for NOVA Spektrum since 2017.

She has more than 15 years of experience from the grocery industry
and has a genuine interest in the food and beverage industry.

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