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Regulations for serving alcohol

If you plan on serving tastings of alcohol at UMAMI ARENA you have to apply by NOVA Spektrum before December 16 2022.

Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that they or people in their service, permanent or casual, are familiar with the contents of the regulations for serving alcohol in Norway and undertakes to observe these regulations:

Regulations for serving alcohol at UMAMI ARENA, NOVA Spektrum

  • One person representing the exhibitor is responsible for the serving
  • Only tastings of cider, beer or wine (alcohol content up to 20 %) can be served, and only to people over the age of 18
  • The tastings can only be served in your stand
  • Tastings of liquor and spirits (more than 20% alcohol) can only be served from stands within the separated area in hall E for cider, beer, wine and spirits (called BAREN). Only visitors over the age of 20 and representing a company with liquor licence have access to this BAREN area.

Do you have question? Please contact Torill Engelberg, Director UMAMI ARENA, [email protected] , mobile: +47 922 07 310

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